Why We Are Different

Island Professional is ...

  • A medical billing company that understands the time and staff constraints of physicians, and can accomplish the billing function with minimal disruption to your office.
  • Experienced, educated staff that understands complex regulations, and changing coding requirements.
  • Pleasant, responsible, and fully trained employees that interact well with your patients and staff.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant for both the Privacy and Electronic Code Transmission standards.
  • Management that monitors changes in the laws, regulations, court cases and their interpretations, and informs you of relevant issues.
  • Regular monitoring of area medical fees and insurance payments compared to your charges.
  • A company that understands the procedures for Automobile Accident and Workman’s Comp cases, and has several employees dedicated solely to that function.

Problem Solving

Island Pro does more than just bill.....

We solve problems. Medical billings, particularly electronic billing is the easy part. We have someone watching for correct coding to make sure you stay within the letter of all local and national governmental laws, rules, and regulations.

Additionally we offer three levels of edits as follows:

  1. Our professional billers
  2. Our own software edits
  3. Our electronic clearinghouse edits

All of the above insure that errors are caught before they reach the insurer.

Island Pro’s management monitors changes in regulations, changes in insurance practices, and recent court cases that may impact your reimbursement.



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